Mental toughness doesn’t come naturally for most. What do your workouts look like when you’re alone? If the lights were off, would your peers still know how hard you work?


When you are pursuing consistent fitness training, a huge part of growth is the mental game. Commit to yourself, commit to growth, and commit to saying yes to your goals. Without mental fortitude when pursuing these goals, you will lose control of your progress quickly. Here are some tips and practices to incorporate that build your mental toughness.


Best Practices to Build Mental Strength




Meditation is highly underrated by most who haven’t ever given it a real chance. Setting aside time to settle your mind and let your energy flow freely is absolutely necessary daily. Even just a handful of times a week will allow you to feel more relaxed in high-stress situations. This is especially important when you’re feeling down and unprepared for a workout.


Breathing Exercises


Breathing exercises allow you to be more comfortable being uncomfortable. As a key component of meditation, these are great to incorporate into your workouts. When you have a spare moment in between sets, before your workout, or after, setting the pace for your breathing and extinguishing that pent-up stress is crucial. Growth comes so much easier when you are comfortable being uncomfortable.


Cold Showers


Absolute killers for some. Separates the bold from the pack. Cold showers don’t just build mental strength, but they make your body tougher. You will be noticeably more determined with a day and night difference.


Hot Runs


Running in the heat is grueling. On the flip side, it cannot get any more difficult than running in the heat. This prepares you to change your perspective and build that mental toughness up a ton.


Saying “Yes” to Yourself


When you have needs that require your attention, do not ignore them! A huge portion of building that mental strength you need will be allowing yourself to be comfortable saying both no and yes. Without comfort in that control, you won’t be able to maintain positive energy toward yourself.


Now, this doesn’t mean letting yourself off the hook. If your legs are sore the morning after a tough workout and you have a class scheduled that morning, saying “yes!” to staying home is not what we’re going for. Keeping your commitments builds the foundation for yourself to be able to say “no” when necessary, not just when you want to. If you don’t “feel like it,” that simply isn’t enough.


Luckily, at GOAT Fitness, we make sure that you are best prepared to succeed as an athlete. We make sure that when you say “yes!” to yourself, you also say “yes!” to your fitness goals. Here’s how to get started.


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