Weight room warriors are a real thing. The beasts that are first in, last out of every group workout, and constantly push themselves to new limits. How do you do this? You need an elite, grind-it-out mentality to take advantage of that mindset.


How do you build a strong weight training mentality?



First, you need to be able to focus up. Focus is everything when you start really pushing yourself to the limit, and all those outside distractions? They’ll kill your results. Don’t let yourself fall away from the results you deserve. This means putting the phone away, laying out a game plan ahead of time, and keeping your eyes on the prize. If you keep a strong focus, you’ll see incredible results.


Attainable Goals


Of course, you want to push yourself to every limit possible. However, this isn’t going to get you the strongest results. Giving yourself attainable goals that you can build to and accomplish allows you to mark your progress and start to see the growth as it comes.


Consistent Practices


Consistency breeds confidence and allows you to push new limits time and time again. Without consistency, there is no progress. You can be an absolute monster in the weight room three times a month and see zero results. However, if you get in there a few times a week and even just put up minimal effort, you’re going to see significant progress.

Other strategies proven to improve your mentality toward lifting


on top of having a strong mentality for working out, you need to be mentally tough to get results. What’s the difference? Someone can have a great mentality on what they’re looking to accomplish in the weight room. However, they might not be getting the results they deserve because they haven’t built up that toughness yet. Initial resistance to something new is the hardest block to get over.

Self Positive Reinforcement

You might look crazy, but you gotta talk to yourself. Motivate yourself from within using positive reinforcement of both language and reassurance. You can do this simply by saying “I can make this happen!” to yourself before a rep, or positive body language with nodding and clapping. Keep the energy high, and the results will follow.




Nothing breeds a strong mentality better than competing. When you compete, you put yourself at risk of failure. Doing that every day makes you understand both sides of winning and losing. You’ll never see weight training the same way again.


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