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GOAT Fitness offers fun and challenging group training sessions with the best personal trainers in Irvine, CA.

At GOAT Fitness, our semi-private training gives you access to the best personal trainers and tailor each fitness lesson. Our group exercise sessions give you one-on-one training and the camaraderie of your fellow fitness pals.

Each session has customized programming that ensures you are getting specific movements and rep ranges that fit your personal goals. 


Everyone can benefit from a trainer. The top athletes in the world still use trainers to have an outside eye and to keep them progressing. Most people don’t push themselves past their comfort zones, trainers can do that while staying within your limits.

  • Custom training design and instruction
  • Always have a spotter
  • Group setting capped at 5
  • More affordable than 1 on 1
  • 50% off open gym membership
  • Accountability and support

 Plus, it sounds pretty cool to tell people you have a trainer.

If you are interested in learning more about our semi-private training sessions, contact us today!

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Irvine, CA

GOAT Fitness Trainers

All of GOAT’s trainers have degrees in the field and multiple certifications ensuring you are getting the best advice and coaching possible. If you are completely brand new to training, we do recommend a few 1-on-1 private sessions first to get the basics but it is not required.