Pure Strength & Power

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What Is Pure Strength And Power?

At GOAT Fitness in Irvine, CA our Strength & Power Program focuses on the main compound movements in lower rep ranges to create explosive power and unbridled strength.

Strength can be measured based on the amount of weight lifted for a single rep of a movement. Power reflects how quickly you can exert force to produce that desired movement. We make sure that you have both strength and power.

Focusing on strength and power is a very rewarding style of training because you can truly quantify your progress by tracking how much you previously lifted and how much you can lift now.

Our program focuses on compound movements and correct accessory movements to promote optimal progressive overload. We implement powerlifting and strongman techniques to keep training fun and maximize results for strength and power.

Keep the reps low and the intensity high.


Pure Strength & Power Program Includes:

Custom Powerlifting Programming and Instruction

Extensive Form and Technique Critique

Body Composition Tracking

Accountability and Support

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