Training vs Exercise

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What is the difference between exercising and training?

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Exercise is physical activity for its own sake—a workout for the effect it produces today. This includes non-specific and short-term goals of moving around, burning calories, and getting sweaty.

Regular exercise has minimal stress adaptation to produce tangible changes in strength, muscle building, or increased performance. On top of all that, exercise is great for general health and wellness. Incorporating exercise into your daily schedule is definitely better than sitting on your butt all day.

Fitness Training

Fitness Training is physical activity with a long-term goal in mind. These specifically designed workouts are produced to reach the desired result.

Fitness Training is accumulated and specific stress adaptations that produce specific and desired results. If a program of physical activity is not designed with specific goals to get you stronger, faster, or better-conditioned, then you do not get to call it training— it is just exercise.